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This is our second encounter with the Korok friends, who, again, seem to have been separated. This is an optional side activity that is not connected to the main story. However, the main story will eventually bring you to them regardless. Choosing to help them or not is actually optional.

The first Korok encounter came as we were searching for the In-isa Shrine and after completing the Ukoh Shrine. This second encounter will come after we have explored the Mining Cave.


The Korok Friends (First Encounter)
Video Shows How To Help The Korok Friends (Mining Area)


We will encounter the second set of Korok friends after we have explored the Mining Cave and activated the various mining carts. All of which is part of The Great Sky Island and The Closed Door quest objective.

The Koroks are rather small creatures that are distinguished by their face masks. At first they appear as a much bigger individual or object, such a rock. Another easy way to find them is that they are usually moping around. Feeling upset about something. Of course by interacting and speaking with them we can then discover what is troubling them.


Okay so let us begin helping them. Speak with the nearby Korok to find out that they were separated from their friend and wish to be reunited once again. This is basically the same setup as the first Korok encounter.

So we now need to form a way across the rails and to the other island, where their friend is currently located. As we have just come from the mining cave there will be various mining carts around that we can use. So take advantage of those.

If, for whatever reason, you do not have access to the mining carts then there should also be wooden slats around too. Either one should work.

A lot of this has us learning more about the game mechanics. Particularly the Ultrahand, which allows us to move around objects and attach them together in order to form various different platforms and unique constructions.

Once you have something that you can then use be sure to use the Ultrahand on the Korok in order to ride it along to its friend.

For getting them both reunited once again we will then be rewarded with a Korok Seed.


A Korok seed is a bead that actually belongs to Hestu. They are key items that you will be given from the Koroks as a form of reward. They are said to possess a distinct smell.


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