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Whilst exploring the rather vast Great Sky Island map you may come across a rather plump looking character sitting on a rock. This character is known as a Korok. With further investigation it would seem that this Korok is moping around, seemingly upset about something.

Proceed to speak with them and we will learn that they have been unfortunately separated from their friend. Who is on a different part of the island. This requires us to find a way across to them in order for the two to be reunited.

Before we begin this little side objective we will first need to complete the Ukouh Shrine in order to obtain the Ultrahand ability.


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In order to find the Korok friends we will first need to travel south west of the Temple of Time. We can do this whilst making our way towards one of the shrines. Here we will find a Korok sitting on top of a rock with a large zipline behind them.

Speak to them to find out what happened and to know more about how the Korok friends managed to get separated. So our objective now is to reunite the two Korok friends.


In order to begin helping the Korok friends we will need to make use of the nearby equipment alongside the zipline. All of which requires the Ultrahand ability.

Using the Ultrahand ability we can move any of the nearby objectives, including rotate them and attach them to create something useful. We can activate the Ultrahand ability by using the ‘L’ button on the controller.

In order to progress we will need to create and form a bridge that can be connected to the zipline. There are nearby slats and hooks for us to be able to use.

Create a platform and do not go riding down it just yet. Instead we need to use the Ultrahand on the upset Korok. After all it is not a successful reunify without the two friends being with each other. So ride alongside the Korok instead.


The Korok is a race of species found within the Legend Of Zelda series. They are actually rather small in size and upon first encounter, may even seem invisible. They can usually be distinguished by their face masks that they tend to wear. Which are often designed to represent a leaf of some kind.


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