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After gaining access to the Pondside Cave and riding the lake across the various different islands we will then find ourselves at the Mining Cave. A dark and, for the most part, an empty location. Full of new game mechanics and mysterious waiting to be found.

One such mystery is one in which involves the minecart and brightblooms.


The Koroks Are Back! (Mining Area)
Video Shows How To Navigate The Mining Cave


When we first locate the Mining Cave we will inevitably come across a mining cart alongside a set of rails. Now, in truth, there are two sections where we will need to take advantage of the mining cart. The first section comes at the cave entrance. Whilst the second comes at the exit.

Our objective is to use the mining carts to traverse along the rails. Now we could just go running inside but, to be honest, it is rather dark inside. There is next to no light at all. So it is probably not a wise choice.

So to get around that and still be able to navigate the cave we will need to take advantage of the minecart and its rails.

One way in which we can do this is to take advantage of the Ultrahand ability, which we got at the Ukouh Shrine. It is, of course, super useful for moving objects as well as connecting new and different ones.

What will also come in handy are the Fans. Which we used back at the river in order to get here.


So you are no doubt aware, by now, of how dark this Mining Cave actually is. So how exactly can we get some light going on? How can we cure this endless darkness?

Well a simple way of being able to do this is by using the brightblooms. These small flowers can actually be used as small lights that can be placed on the ground in order to lighten our way ahead.

As we navigate further into the cave we will be taught all about them by one of the Mining Constructs. Who will also have one of these brightblooms next to him as further evidence of how they actually work.

Simply find some and go into your menu and search for them in your inventory. From there proceed and place them on the floor.

Once they are on the floor they will still need a little kickstarter. As first they will be unlit and just represent a normal flower. However, if you proceed to use a weapon of some kind, such as a bow, on them. They will then begin to light up. Make use of them as you continue through the cave.


When you have finally made it to the cave exit we will then have one more minecart puzzle to solve. The same applies as before, back at the entrance.

Make use of any of the nearby minecarts and, of course, the Ultrahand ability. From there place the cart onto its rails. Just like before.

Now if we are going to succeed with this latest minecart ride we are going to need to use the fans once again. Unfortunately we no longer have any on us. Since our last lot were left behind with the previous minecart. Well not to worry.

We can actually find some of these Fans in this very room. Simply head to the table next to the cave exit and the fine Mining Construct will give us his spare Fans for us to use and take advantage of.

Finish constructing your exit route and our next location will have us coming face to face with another Korok reuniting quest. Although these are, of course, optional.


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