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Our Zelda TOTK Impa and the Geoglyphs chapter begins by meeting the wise Sheikah elder, Impa. She holds the key to unlocking the ancient mysteries of the Geoglyphs and the secrets they contain. To find Impa, make your way to the Sheikah Village, nestled deep within the Hyrule Hills. As you approach the village, you’ll notice the distinct Sheikah architecture and design.


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Video Shows How To Find The Dragon’s Tear


If you make your way north west of the Lookout Landing, towards Boneyard Bridge, we will come across a man named Cado. Who will advise you to seek out Lady Impa. He also mentions that she can be found over at the New Serenne Stable. Which is west of the map.



The New Serenne Stable is just over the Carok Bridge. It is basically a horse related inn and hotel that travels around using a horse themed hot air balloon. Here we can find numerous NPC that we can speak with, including Sprinn.

Sprinn will mention that their establishment uses a Stable Association’s membership system. They will then proceed and register us as a member.

As a member of the Stable Association we can basically summon horses in order to navigate the world map much easier and quicker. He will also inform us about wild horses that we can catch, ride, and even register it as our horse mount companion.

We can also speak with Ariane, who will happily give us a Spicy Elixir. There is also a shrine here too, the Sinakawak.

New Serenne Stable

At the New Serenne Stable entrance we can also find and speak with Zumi in order to trigger an optional side quest, Horse-Drawn Dream. It will basically teach us the ways of taming horse mounts.

Meeting Impa

Whilst at the New Serenne Stable we can find Impa, who is the Sheikah Elder, she is just east of the inn establishment. She will start to mention strange pictures being found all around Hyrule. Pictures that she refers to as ‘geoglyphs’. Impa’s character profile will then be added to the ‘Character Profiles’ section of the menu.

Whilst speaking with Impa we will also learn that her air balloon took quite a beating. So proceed and use the Ultrahand in order to repair it.

Fixing The Airship

By successfully managing to fix the air balloon we can then begin our search for the geoglyphs. However, first we must light a fire. Easy enough, there is a campfire right here. Simply take the torch next to the campfire, equip it and light it. Alternatively we can also use a Flint too. Once you have the necessary fire we can then activate the air balloon and ascend into the skies!

The Geoglyphs

The Geoglyphs are a series of ancient rock formations scattered across the vast expanse of Hyrule. These mysterious structures hold the key to understanding the ancient Sheikah people and their powerful technology. Impa will encourage you to explore the Geoglyphs and uncover the secrets hidden within them.

The First Geoglyph

Once you have managed to ascend the air balloon with Impa, we will then be able to see the full view of one of these geoglyphs. We will also be informed about a Dragon’s Tear.

In order to be able to find the Dragon’s Tear, we will need to search at the head of the geoglyph. We are basically looking for an indentation in the ground. One that has been filled with a water liquid substance. This substance is actually the Dragon’s Tear.

Discovering A Dragon’s Tear

After discovering the first Dragon’s Tear we will get our very first Memory. Which is located within the ‘Adventure Log’. The first one will relate to ‘Whare Am I?’. Which features Zelda waking up to two new strangers.

NOTE: Though the first part of this quest objective can be started and completed relatively early on in TOTK Zelda. The rest of the quest will require us to further explore the map of Hyrule. Meaning we will need to come back to it later.

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