Jiosin Shrine (Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom)

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The Jiosin Shrine is one of the more optional shrines that can be explored. It is positioned south of the Lookout Landing. Near the field chasm.

Once you manage to find and interact with it we will then be able to explore it. In doing so we will also unlock a new fast travel location.


Camera Work in the Depths (Story Objective)
Sinakawak Shrine
Video Shows The Jiosin Shrine. Location and Puzzles


The Jiosin Shrine is located south of the Lookout Landing. Near the field chasm that we will be heading towards during the ‘Camera Work in the Depths’ quest objective.

You will be able to tell if you have managed to find the chasm as it is surrounded by a red substance known as gloom.


The basic puzzles in the Jiosin Shrine are all related to shapes. With these shapes we can rotate them and move them around in order to solve the various different puzzles. For a lot of the time the only ability that we need to use is the ‘Ultrahand’ ability.

You will come across the first puzzle after heading down the stairs and heading through the wall on the left. Here there is a strange shape on the ground, which seems to have three parts attached to it.

Whilst on the wall that we went through there is a symbol. This symbol is what you will want to replicate by using the shapes in the room.

The First Shape

Solving that you will then want to create a path using the same set of shapes, in order to be able to reach the other side of the room. Onto the next puzzle.


This next puzzle sees us playing with a set of new shapes. These ones are in the form of cube boxes. The same method to solving it applies. We need to rotate the shape in order to fit it through the wall

By using these second set of shapes we can also rotate and move them so that we can reach a treasure chest up top, on the pillars. Inside the chest there will be a Hasty Elixir

From there proceed and move the shapes through the next wall opposite. This is our final room. Once you have successfully managed to do that we can use the shapes as a stair to the final section of the shrine. To where we can collect our next ‘Light of Blessing

A Hasty Elixir


Grants a midlevel Haste effect, which boosts your movement speed while running, swimming, or climbing.

Can last for up to 4:10 minutes. Stacking it will increase the overall duration.

Light Of Blessing


A crystal that glows with a light that purges ancient evil and purifies with its radiance. They can be traded in for other rewards such as Heart Containers.

This then completes the Jiosin Shrine and all of its puzzles.

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