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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Finders Weepers

Finders Weepers is an optional substory that sees Ryoma locating and finding a diary. Perhaps it was left behind by a teenage girl? Who knows. However, this diary seems to be related to a love confession.

SUBSTORY QUEST: Finders Weepers

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – The Iron Code


REWARDS: 350 Virtue



(NOTE: To begin this substory we need to have met the character Akari. She can be found over at the shrine in Rakunai)

Make your way to Gion and inspect the large red arch with the statues. Here Ryoma will notice something on the floor, a diary. This will then trigger the Finders Weepers substory. Ryoma will then assume that it must have been dropped by a teenage girl. Here we want to choose the (Take a Peak) option. We will then begin to read. It will be a confession. We will then be given several dialogue options to choose from.

Unrequited love is a waste
All love is precious (Correct Answer)
She should just love me

With that proceed and leave Gion and then come back. I simply left by exiting to the Rakunai bridge. Anyway, it would seem that the owner actually read our reply. We will then be given yet more dialogue options

Try getting to know him (Correct Answer)
Try to be more assertive
Try to change things up

Once again leave and come back. It would appear, that yet again, the owner read our reply. For the third and final time we will be given more dialogue options to choose from.

Better to be simple and direct (Correct Answer)
Nothing says ”love” like a poem
Forget love. Be seductive

Leave Gion, yes again, this time is the final time. Come back to the diary and we will see both the Shinto Priest and Akari. It would seem that the diary actually belonged to the Shinto Priest.

This will then complete the Finders Weepers substory


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