Like A Dragon: Ishin – Its A Long Story – Epilogue (Substory Quest)

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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is Its A Long Story – Epilogue

Its A Long Story is an optional substory quest that sees us having to listen to a woman talk endlessly. Whilst also trying to pay attention and refrain from ignoring her. All of this in order to be quizzed at the end. It is the final substory quest within the chain quest series.


SUBSTORY QUEST: Its A Long Story – Epilogue

CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – The Man Named Saito Hajime


REWARDS: Golden Medicine Case, 350 Virtue

LOCATION: South Yashikimachi (Fushimi)


After completing the ‘It’s A Long Story – The Final Chapter’ we will then be able to unlock this next one in the subquest chain.

Head to South Yashikimachi, near Hanako, and we will find Sakiko once again. Yes, it is time to listen to her stories once again. This is the last and final time however. Remember we will get quizzed on what she talks about but I have all of that covered.

So find and speak with Sakiko. Choose the ‘Let’s hear it’ dialogue option and we can begin. I have to admit I like how Ryoma is upfront with Sakiko when she asks if you find her stories tiresome.
This time around Sakiko is apparently in love. A man named Kotaro has her interests and so the story continues.

During the conversation Kotaro will turn up. Things will start to get mushy and awkward. Just as we thought the two would waltz off together, Sakiko will then quiz us about her latest conversation.

Our first set of dialogue options will include; ‘A jizo statue’, ‘A scarecrow’, ‘A dog’ and, of course, ‘Could you remind me?’
The correct choice and answer is; Scarecrow

The second set of dialogue optiona will include; ‘Pickled daikon’, ‘Grated daikon’, ‘Stewed daikon’ and ‘Could you remind me?’
The correct choice and answer is; Pickled daikon

The third and final set of dialogue options will include; ‘A dea bass’, ‘A tuna’, ‘A man’ and ‘Could you remind me?’
The correct choice and answer is; A tuna

After answering all of her questions we will receive a ‘Golden Medicine Case’ and complete the substory quest.


… She could talk people’s ears off until the very end. And now that I won’t hear her anymore. I’m actually a little sad… Wait. No, I’m not.


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