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Like A Dragon: Ishin has many different substory quests that players can find and try to complete. One of which is The Frequently Lost Courier

The Frequently Lost Courier is an optional substory quest that sees Ryoma encountering a courier who is terrible at directions. This will kickstart a small and simple quest with the ability to unlock a new ‘Friendship Bond’ at the end.

Ryoma Meets The Lost Courier

SUBSTORY QUEST: The Frequently Lost Courier

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Mibu Wolves

QUEST GIVER: Frequently Lost Courier

REWARDS: 150 Virtue

LOCATION: Shinmachi (Fushimi)


Head to Shinmachi over in Fushimi. Here we will locate a lost courier (Frequently Lost Courier)

No surprise that he is lost. How did this guy even get the job in the first place? Apparently he managed to get lost as he tried to make his way over to the ‘Fushimi Ichibangai’ in an attempt to make a delivery. Ryoma will politely point the way for him.

Exit the area. Just run up the path and then come back and check on the courier. It seems that he has managed to get himself lost once again. He will mention that he still has not managed to find ‘Fushimi Ichibangai’. In fact he has been running around in circles until he found himself back here again. Ryoma will be surprised and question why.

The courier will then start talking about his father. How he had helped him. The courier will then mention that his father is now recovering after a fall and that he is trying to prove that he can cope on his own, without him. Ryoma will try once again to point the man in the correct direction.

Exit the area once again. Then report back to the courier. This time the man will mention that he had successfully managed to find the location that he was searching for. Success!

Unfortunately, we are still not yet done. Instead we somehow end up being the parcel courier in his replacement. In order to help him out a bit quicker, apparently. He wants us to deliver parcels to a client named, Kankichi-san, who is over in Yashikimachi (Obtained Courier’s Parcel). A new ‘Friendship Bond’ will now unlock.


The courier isn’t able to finish his deliveries. So, since I walk around the city a lot, I might as well help him out

Fushimi – The northeast region of Kyo. Became known as the Fushimi Ward after the city was renamed ”Kyoto”


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