AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – 閭陜カ荵句邱ィ End (Clear Ryuki Chapter Diverge) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements that players can unlock within AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative is 閭陜カ荵句邱ィ End. Which is basically one of the many different endings.

閭陜カ荵句邱ィ End basically requires players to clear the Ryuki chapter diverge. In order to do this we will need to complete the game, this includes Mizuki’s path. This will then unlock the epilogue (Braver Than All Flowers)

Once you have Mizuki’s path completed and the epilogue (Braver Than Flowers) unlocked we can then begin…

Begin the (Braver Than Flowers) epilogue and select the Naix Japan President’s Office. When we arrive we will be greeted by Tokiko’s hologram.

Tokiko will mention that she would like to be guided to Moksha and give you a special number, a ‘nil number‘. This number will be random, so you must meet the requirements and make sure you are prepared for this section of the game. Once you have your nil number be sure to write it down.

We now want to make our way back to 2/11 Ryuki Chapter 1 (Ought to Know). From here select the ‘Naix Japan President’s Office’ location.

We we will meet with Tokiko once again, this time she will ask if we are a Frayer. To which we want to reply with ‘Yes’. We are Frayer.

Tokiko will then wonder if we realize that this world is fictional. Again we want to choose the ‘Yes’ option. Tama will then begin getting concerned over Ryuki.

Our next task is to insert our ‘nil number’, I did say to write it down and that it is random so hopefully you still have your number handy somewhere.

We will now be able to walk through walls and with that, we will want to make our way through the wall with the symbol. Once we head through this particular wall we should then be able to see a small pink or red shape in the far distance. Head towards this shape to continue.

As we get closer to the strange shape in the distance we will then find out that it is actually Tokiko.

Here Tokiko will be very vague and ask if we understand? Answer this with ‘Is this a hallucination?’ (left option).

Tokiko will then speak of the nil number, before then asking how we knew about all of this already. That it is a logical paradox.

We will then get another set of options to choose from. We will need to ask them all if we intened to continue. Tokiko won’t really respond to either question very much.

After asking all of the various questions we will then be asked if we want to share this information with Ryuki back in the original world. For the purpose of this guide we will want to choose the ‘Share‘ (right option)

Tokiko will then mention that by sharing the information regarding the nil number that history will change.

We should then get the 閭陜カ荵句邱ィ End trophy achievement.

3rd Class Cabin has now been unlocked in BONUS!


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