AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – YOU FOUND IT! (Clear The 3rd Class Cabin) Trophy Achievement Guide

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YOU FOUND IT! Is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative.

YOU FOUND IT! requires players to clear the 3rd Class Cabin. The 3rd Class Cabin is a somnium where players will be trying to find a way off the strange ship. We will have 6 minutes in which to try and find an escape route.

In order to actually unlock the 3rd Class Cabin you will be required to complete the Ryuki Chapter Diverge epilogue. After successfully completing that we will then be able to unlock the 3rd Class Cabin.

After unlocking the 3rd Class Cabin we will then want to head to the main menu and select the BONUS option. Here we will be able to find and begin the 3rd Class Cabin section of the game.

This will then place us in control of Aiba and we will now be stuck stranded on a strange ship. We now need to find a way off this ship and secure an escape route.


As soon as we gain control of Aiba our first task is to collect two keys. One of which can be found inside the Pot and Stove, which is right in front of our starting location. (Small Key Blue)

By obtaining the Small Key (Blue) we will also get the Screwdriver. Nothing much to do with these items at the minute.

We can find the other key (Small Key Red) by inspecting the Mirror, which is just beyond Door 5. By inspecting the mirror Aiba will also begin to remember something.

After the scene make sure to inspect the bed. Aiba will mention that the bed is rather flat and is more like a board with a sheet on it. However, under the pillow we can find the Memo from Bed

Now proceed to inspect the sink and we will find a corkboard. This corkboard will have a note on it. (Note from Bulletin Board). We will also obtain the Picture Frame alongside a Picture of an Old Cruise Liner

Now whilst inside this room we should be able to find a briefcase. Inspect the Red Briefcase.

Now using the pictures that we have just found we should be able to work out what the code to the briefcase actually is. The symbols and colours on the pictures we managed to find is a huge hint and clue as to what the code is. Use the Picture of an Old Cruise Liner in order to help you.

For example the Picture of the Old Cruise Liner has white symbols and black symbols, this is also shown on the other pictures we just managed to collect. Both the red and blue symbols indicate the dark symbols on the Old Cruise Liner picture, whilst the white ones obviously indicate the white symbols.

Now with this in mind we should have no problems in solving the briefcase puzzle. As there are two pictures, we will not get the full code without combining them. Meaning each picture will either represent two digits of the start of the code or the end.

The code to the briefcase is as follows; Red Briefcase = 7485 and the Blue Briefcase = 0263

For successfully unlocking the Red Briefcase we will be rewarded with a Stack of Red Key Cards and for unlocking the Blue Briefcase we will get a Stack of Blue Key Cards and a Digital Root paper

The Digital Root paper is very important as it contains a code to open the next door. Unfortunately it also comes in the form of a maths puzzle. Hope you are good at maths.

Head to Door 5 and using the Digital Root paper solve the maths puzzle so that we can gain access to the next room. If you are terrible at maths, like me, then the code you are looking for is 761

With the door now open we can safely escape the room.

The YOU FOUND IT! trophy achievement will then pop!

‘The Bracelet’ has been unlocked in the Bonus Menu


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