AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – Destination Atami END (Atami Receptionist) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Destination Atami END is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative.

Destination Atami END requires players to go to Atami with the Receptionist. This can be done during Chapter 3 with Ryuki. It is quite a simple and easy one to unlock. It can even be done after successfully completing the game.

In order to unlock the Destination Atami END trophy achievement all you need to do is head to Chapter 3 with Ryuki. We can either do this by continuing to play the game as normal or after successfully completing the game, we can then select the required chapter from the menu (Original Flowchart)

Whilst on Chapter 3 with Ryuki we will want to head to the Entertainment Agency Leminscate. If you are using the Original Flowchart route to getting to Chapter 3, then all you will need to do is select a Chapter 3 option (such as 2/13 Ryuki Chapter 3 – Farewell). From there select the Entertainment Agency Leminscate location option.

Once at the Entertainment Agency Leminscate we will be able to find the necessary receptionist.

If we proceed to speak with the receptionist we will get several options to choose from. Choose the ‘Let’s go to Atami together!’ (right option)

At first, after selecting this option, Tama and the receptionist will wonder what has suddenly come over Ryuki. However, Ryuki will just attempt to shrug it off and blame it on an inexplicable urge.

In order to progress with this we will have to select the ‘Let’s go to Atami together!’ a total of 5 times. You know when you will be close to getting to the end result when Tama will mention that they have a bad feeling about this. Then on the next attempt after this, the receptionist will then agree to your demands.

Simple right?


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