AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – (Cursed By Adorooster) Trophy Achievement Guide

Game Guides is a trophy achievement that can be unlocked within AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative. requires players to almost get cursed by an Adorooster. This one can be done during the Shoma’s Somnium on Chapter 4 with Ryuki.

In order to begin this one we will want to head to Chapter 4 with Ryuki. We can either do this by playing the game as normal or by selecting Chapter 4 from the Original Flowchart menu. Anyway our main goal is to begin Shoma’s Somnium (Nested Insecurities).

Once we begin Shoma’s Somnium you will want to go ahead and inspect the Refrigerator.

After inspecting the refrigerator, Ryuki will mention that he wants to open the door. This will then give us several different options to choose from. Choose the ‘Lift’ (left option)

Tama will then attempt to lift the refrigerator and mention that it is rather light. Ryuki, on the other hand, will notice something on the floor. It is an Adorooster. However, since it has been flattened by the refrigerator, it is now a Flat-orooster.

Something will then happen to the Flat-orooster and it will suddenly disappear. We now need to find it. We can try finding it by inspecting the Pot next to us.

Tama will mention that there is miso soup inside the pot. Yummy, let us try and heat it up. Upon on doing this, Tama will suddenly become paralyzed and unable to move.

Suddenly the Flat-orooster will appear from within the miso soup. It is also no longer flat. The Flat-orooster has now become a proper Adorooster!

The trophy achievement will then pop!


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