AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – Hanako’s Nightmare BAD END (Dark Dreams) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Hanako’s Nightmare BAD END is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative.

Hanako’s Nightmare BAD END requires us to go and see Hanako during Amame’s Somnium. Which means we will need to be on Chapter 5 with Mizuki.

In order to reach Chapter 5 with Mizuki we can either continue to play the game as normal. However, failing that, we can also access Chapter 5 through the Original Flowchart menu.

Once on Chapter 5 with Mizuki we will then want to enter Amame’s Somnium (Nightmare Irreconcilable). From there we will want to keep playing until we have Updated Depth (Learned about the Nirvana Initiative). We should have then managed to successfully unlock Mental Lock #1

Our objective now is to ‘Find How Naix Is Involved’

During this specific section of the game we should now be able to find Scattered Magazines on the floor, collect them. There should be one next to the table in the eastern corner of the room.

Aiba will mention that the magazine is in pieces but despite this, they also know that it is an occult magazine of some kind. Mizuki will then question why it is in pieces before we are then given several options to choose from. The option we want here is ‘Read’ (left option)

Aiba will then mention that she can only piece together some of it. It will involve toilet handles and directions.

These directions are very important so do NOT skip the dialogue. Another reason why we cannot skip this dialogue is because we need to press the directional buttons that are shown in the dialogue. We need to repeat these directions as soon as they appear. SO NO SKIPPING THE DIALOGUE!

The directions are not random but we still need to make sure we do this as soon as the directions appear. The directions should be as follows; UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN

After successfully pressing the correct directional buttons we can then continue on with the dialogue. We will then get a scene with Hanako on the TV screen.

The Hanako’s Nightmare BAD END trophy achievement will then pop!


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