AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – An Awkward Halloween (Pumpkin, Loafers, Metal Pipe) Trophy Achievement Guide

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An Awkward Halloween is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative.

An Awkward Halloween requires players to wear various Halloween themed costumes and accessories. This includes the pumpkin, loafers, and metal pipe.

In order to be able to pull this one off we will be required to be on Chapter 0 with Mizuki.

In order to be able to unlock the An Awkward Halloween trophy achievement we will be required to be on Chapter 0 with Mizuki.

We can either head to Chapter 0 by playing through the game as normal. Alternatively, we can also head to Chapter 0 by going through the Original Flowchart menu instead.

Once on Chapter 0 with Mizuki we will then want to enter Ryuki’s Somnium (New Investigation). Whilst on this mission our first task that we will want to do is inspect the bowl of food on the table. Tama will then notice that the food in the bowl is actually soup. (Updated Depth)

We will then be asked ‘if we know the culprit?’ and with this we will be given several options to choose from. Here select the ‘I Know’ (right option)

We will now need to input the name of the culprit. The answer here is DAHLIA BOAT. Ryuki will then seem to remember this name from somewhere. A scene will then occur and we will now be onto Mizuki’s path.

Our objective in this new area is to ‘Remind them of real justice’. However, for now that is not important. What is important is that we go ahead and inspect the large bookshelf in order to find a Pumpkin. Aiba will then insist on Ryuki to wear this new Pumpkin Hat.

With the Pumpkin Hat now equipped we will then want to continue on with the story until we are tasked with ‘Tell them to get ready’

Here we should be able to spot an Evolver on the rocks, inspect this. We will then get several options, choose to ‘Shoot Ryuki’ (top option)

By shooting Ryuki, Aiba will mention that this may have ill effects on Ryuki’s mind. Mizuki then insists that it must be done. (Updated Depth)

Once we regain control of Aiba we should be able to find a pair of shoes just to the far right. Choose to ‘Wear‘ them.

This should now cover both the pumpkin and loafers. Two down, one to go.

Staying in the same area, we can find the Metal Pipe on the floor, next to a structure. Mizuki will mention that the pipe actually belongs to her. Choose to ‘Equip’ the pipe (right option).

We should now have all of the necessary costume and accessories (pumpkin, loafers, and metal pipe). With all of them equipped we should then be able to unlock the An Awkward Halloween trophy achievement


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