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Bouncy Bounty is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Jakku.

This mission will involve smuggling trampolines

QUEST: Bouncy Bounty
LOCATION: Niima Outpost (Jakku)

This side mission quest will be available after having successfully completed Bounty Hunter Hunt. From there we will need to report to Bossk.

Bossk will then mention something about trampolines and wanting them to be delivered to miners on Mustafar. That these trampolines should be able to help the miners by giving them a much needed morale boost.

Our next destination is Mustafar Space. On our way a Bounty Hunter will notice us and will not be happy to see us trying to smuggle in trampolines.

We will now need to fly through various zones and eliminate a set number of enemy targets, the first zone or wave will have a total of 6 to eliminate. Whilst the final zone will have 12

After successfully eliminating all of the required enemy targets we will now want to approach Bossk and speak with him. Our final destination is over at the Mining Complex. Which is basically ignoring Bossk’s request for us ”not” to follow him but whatever.

Whilst at the Mining Complex head towards the mission marker to find the necessary Mustafarian (DLC-13 Droid Bays). They will then question what Bossk plans on doing with so many trampolines.

You should now notice that there are trampolines on the ground. What we need to do now is to use them to jump and gain higher advantage. Once at the top of the area we will then be able to locate Bossk.

It turns out that Bossk was not intending on being very supportive towards the Mustafarians after all. In fact he had completely different ideas altogether and seems to have a hunch that we knew he was up to no good. So he then attempts to run off.

Follow and eliminate Bossk. During the fight Bossk will try to use the various trampolines to gain air and height advantage. Due to this it might be best to use a ranged character in order to complete the battle easier and faster.

After the fight the mission will come to an end and Bossk will be available to unlock.


  • Smuggle the trampolines from Jakku to Mustafar Space.
  • Speak to Bossk’s ship outside Mustafar
  • ”Don’t” follow Bossk onto Mustafar
  • Speak to Bossk.
  • Defeat Bossk.


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