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Wheelbarrow Woes is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet AHCH-TO

This mission will involve getting some Obsidian

QUEST: Wheelbarrow Woes
LOCATION: Temple Island – Caretaker Village (AHCH-TO)
QUEST GIVER: Wheelbarrow Maker

Head to the Temple Island and speak with the Wheelbarrow Maker over in the Caretaker Village. Here we will learn more about the mission.

As it turns out someone has been destroying the village wheelbarrows and, as expected, the Wheelbarrow Maker is not too impressed by this. They now want to us to find a material known as obsidian, which apparently cannot be broken. By using the obsidian, the Wheelbarrow Maker hopes that the village wheelbarrows might then be able to withstand any further attacks.

In order to begin our search for some obsidian we will need to make our way over to Mos Espa over in Tatooine.

Just outside of the Landing Pad there will be a civilian, who will mention that there is a man or ‘fella’ who claims to be an expert on minerals. They apparently can be found over at the Watto’s Junk shop.

Head to Watto’s Junk Shop and you will spot the Mineral Master just outside the building. He will then mention that the obsidian can be found over in the Mustafar region.

Head to the Mustafar Mining Complex and the obsidian should be marked on the map. They are both yellow and orange in colour. We will need to collect 10 obsidian

After collecting all 10 obsidian we can then safely report back to the Wheelbarrow Maker to complete the mission.

Praetorian Guard (Seventh Guard) will now be available to unlock


  • Ask about obsidian in Mos Espa spaceport
  • Gather obsidian on Mustafar
  • Give the obsidian to the Wheelbarrow Maker on Ahch-To.


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