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During Chapter 5 we will get the opportunity to unlock the Kusemon Master trophy achievement. The Kusemon Master trophy achievement requires players to Hatch the Black and White Bear.

You can unlock this trophy achievement during Chapter 5 when we get the opportunity to explore Iris’s Somnium.

A Kusemon is actually an Easter egg from the Danganronpa adventure visual novel series.

Whilst exploring Iris’s Somnium in Chapter 5 we will get a mission objective which tasks us with ‘Opening the fusuma sliding door’.

Whilst being tasked with ‘Opening the fusuma sliding door’ we will find ourselves exploring a tranquil garden. Complete with a pond and several bushes.

Speaking of bushes there will be one of particular interest over by the wall, next to the trees. If we inspect it, Ryuki will mention that it is a topiary. Iris will then confirm that it is actually a Kusemon egg.

The team will then pick up the Kusemon egg and we can continue exploring. Nothing much more to do right now.

However, before we actually move on to something else altogether. Simply run around the area for a bit. Just keep running around or just wait at least.

After waiting long enough a scene will trigger. Apparently something is wrong with Tama. Iris will mention the egg and that it must have something to do with it.

A Kusemon will then be hatched from the egg (Kusemon List – Black and White Bear). However, we are not done yet!

There will be yet another bush of interest, which will be to the right of the large screen. In between a tree and stone lantern. Inspect this and we will collect yet another Kusemon egg.

Like we did with the last one, simply run around and wait for a bit until a scene triggers. Iris will immediately mention the egg. We will now get the (SC) Wanderer.

After successfully getting both the Black and White Bear and Wanderer we will get the Kusemon Master trophy achievement


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