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During Chapter 4 whilst playing as Ryuki we will encounter the Amame’s Somnium. It is here where we will be trying to gain more information on Tearer.

When you reach the ‘Stage 1: Scavenger Quiz’ area we will be able to find and take part in the ‘Faith To Face!’ quiz. Which is presented by Mizuki at first. However, this particular quiz will feature various different presenters and different stages that all need to be unlocked.

Successfully complete all of the various quizzes to earn the Quiz King trophy achievement.

Whilst taking part in the ‘Faith to Face!’ quiz we will get a series of trivia questions that we will have to answer correctly. With the first set of trivia questions to be given to us by the presenter, Mizuki.

In order to select your choices to each trivia question we will have to select a number within the room. Each number will have an object next to it. The object and number represent your choice of answer.

For ‘Stage 1: Scavenger Quiz’ we will be given several popular songs which will technically be our questions that need answering. We need to use these songs and find something that relates to it.


The answer to the first question is as follows; Number 9 – Vokeman

The song that Gen gave to Amame.


The answer to this one is as follows; Number 5 – Elephant Trinket

Ryuki will mention that he can picture this being at Brahman.


This is the final question to ‘Stage 1: Scavenger Quiz’. The answer to this one is as follows; G – One-Wheeled Robot

The robot that Shoma made.

Tama will mention that the BGM is ‘Air On G String’. Since the robot has a ‘G’ on it, this must be the correct answer.


The next set of trivia questions will be given to us by a new presenter, Iris. Who is a big occult fan, so expect occult related questions.

The name of this particular quiz is ‘Occult Quiz’

The objective to this one is a bit different from the last set of trivia questions. This time we will get a grid which will be split into groups (A and B). Each section will have clues written for us to try and work out.


The answer to this one is as follows; Freemasons (B)

Iris will then confirm that the Freemasons have existed since the 16th century and have members all over the world.


The answer to this one is as follows; Chupacabra (B)

Iris will then confirm that the Chupacabra is no more than six feet tall. Making it the smallest UMA.


The answer to this one is as follows; Subliminal (B)

Iris will then give us confirmation to our answer and start using a video and juice container for comparison.

This will then complete the Occult Quiz.


Our final presenter will be a strange looking character known as Gen Ishiyagane. This will be a round of ‘Spot the Difference’

Gen will teleport us to a room with three monitors or mirrors. Here we will have to try and spot the differences using these monitors and mirrors.

DIFFERENCE 1 – Choose Magazine. Blue Figure (Blue Mirror)

DIFFERENCE 2 – Choose Mysterious Person. Tools (Red Mirror)

DIFFERENCE 3 – Choose Mizuki. Different Mizuki pose (Red Mirror)

DIFFERENCE 4 – Choose Kizuna. Different Kizuna pose (Blue Mirror)

That should cover all that you need to know. Komeji will attempt to give you questions now but there are no right or wrong answers. So feel free to answer with which option you want. With Komeji’s first question it is a bit of a dead give away that these questions are rather pointless.

The Quiz King trophy achievement will pop as soon as you have answered Komeji


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