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The file collectibles come in various different locations and consist of things such as notes and pamphlets that can be found throughout the game. Once found they can then tell more of the story, such as what happened to many of the local residents and other basic and interesting lore.
Each file will also be placed into their own special category, this includes’ ‘Documents’, ‘Records’, ‘Other’, and ‘Pictures’.

To view your collected files head to the menu screen and select the ‘Files’ option.

This specific page will be focused on the file locations within the Phase IV – Void chapter of Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse.

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FILE: Note From Madoka (5)
TYPE: Documents
DESCRIPTION: Written in messy handwriting, it says she is going back to her room
LOCATION: Archive – 1F

FILE: 2F Nurse’s Logbook 3
TYPE: Documents
DESCRIPTION: A nurse’s logbook, talking about musical therapy
LOCATION: 2F Control Room

FILE: Memo – Musical Therapy
TYPE: Records
DESCRIPTION: Internal memo ordering that music scores be fetched
LOCATION: 2F Control Room

FILE: Madoka’s Notebook
TYPE: Documents
DESCRIPTION: Scribbled notes that say ”it’s all going away”
LOCATION: 203 Sacred Moon

FILE: Medical File – Ayako
TYPE: Records
DESCRIPTION: Haibara Infirmary file on Ayako
LOCATION: 207 Orchid Room

FILE: Black Notebook 1
TYPE: Documents
DESCRIPTION: Notes about the relationship between memory and music
LOCATION: Room with Four-Poster Bed – 2F

FILE: Letter Dropped By Woman In Black
TYPE: Documents
DESCRIPTION: Contains thoughts written about someone
LOCATION: 1F Lift Lobby

FILE: Information About Lift
TYPE: Records
DESCRIPTION: Note to staff about the lift

FILE: On Duty Nurse’s Memo
TYPE: Documents
DESCRIPTION: Note to the following day’s on-duty nurse
LOCATION: Switchboard Room – B1F

FILE: On The Court Of The Unhallowed
TYPE: Records
DESCRIPTION: Ancient document about masks and the Court of the Unhallowed
LOCATION: Path of Purification – B1F

FILE: 3F Room Assignments
TYPE: Records
DESCRIPTION: Map of Rogetsu Hall 3F showing which patients stay in which rooms
LOCATION: 3F Control Room

That concludes all of the files that are located within Phase IV – Void of Fatal Frame: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse.


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