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The Gunman side mission or side quest, whichever term you prefer to use, is one of the many ability master missions. These type of missions tend to unlock new abilities that can then be purchased in the ‘Abilities Menu’ using Soul Orbs.

Soul Orbs are obtained through either defeating enemy targets or completing substories. They are rewarded for having completed and achieved goals that grant the character with experience points. Once you have accumulated enough experience points we will then be rewarded with a Soul Orb.

The abilities that we can achieve through this substory can be found in the Gunman Abilities section and include the following; Enhanced Rounds Knowhow, Texas Two-Step, Essence of the Three-Legged Mare, Dead Man’s Hand, and the Essence of Hornswoggling

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – The Ikedaya Incident
QUEST GIVER: Broke-Looking Ronin, Scary Ronin, Weak-Looking Ronin
REWARDS: Gold Hammer, Book of Revelations: Spree
LOCATION: East Umekojicho (Rakugai)

Head to East Umekojicho and we will encounter some ronin with a cart. Seems that they were carting some weapons around.

Suddenly their boss, a Mysterious Foreigner will appear dressed in black. Looking almost mafia like. The man will give his men a light scolding for their mistakes and tell them to carry the goods to the hideout, wherever that is.

Whilst the ronin run off with their apparent goods the mysterious foreigner will want to speak with us. It seems as though he is not happy that we know about the weapons.

This will then trigger the gunman side quest and the mysterious individual will introduce himself as William Bradley.

William Bradley will then mention the Urayama Company. A company that apparently killed a known assiociate of his. He now seeks revenge but before we get the chance to do anything else, we will get a new tutorial on how to use fire arms.

If we speak with William once again, we will be given some Enhanced Rounds, Flash Rounds, Thunder Rounds, Acid Rounds, and Poison Rounds. To continue the gun training we can equip the Enhanced Rounds and speak with William to begin another tutorial.

After completing all of the training one of the ronin will come shouting and saying that they overheard someone talking about the Urayama Company. William will be hesistant about the company seeing him and thus we will be tasked with finding out what is going on outside, in his replacement. While he watches on. However, he ends up having a change of heart and decides to back us up anyway. Defeat the suspicious individuals.

After defeating them William will try to explain who this Urayama Company really are. To which Ryoma will conclude that they are disreputable salesman. We will also learn that William’s friend was named Saemon, and he was a magistrate from Nagasaki.

Speak with William once again and he will have new training for us to complete. Here we will be given training on both the Scapegrace Shot and Dead Man’s Hand. We need to complete all of the various training in order to continue with this gunman side quest.

After successfully managing to complete all of the necessary training William will admit that he is scared of this Urayama Company, that he almost lost his life to them. Leave the building and we will encounter the ‘Scary Ronin’ over on East Umekojicho, Rakugai. South of the Unyuan building. So basically right outside the door of the building. If, for whatever reason, he is not there then run around and get into some random fights first until he does eventually appear.

Enter the building and speak with William in order to begin the attack on the Urayama Company. Defeat them to complete this gunman side quest. Do not forget to speak with William once again to obtain the Book of Revelations: Spree.

(Note: By completing the rest of William’s training we can unlock the Enhanced Rounds Knowhow, Texas Two-Step, Essence of the Three-Legged Mare, Dead Man’s Hand, and the Essence of Hornswoggling gun abilities. As a bonus reward we will also be rewarded with the Gold Hammer)

That concludes the Gunman Side Mission Quest


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