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A story guide on how to complete the main story for Atomic Heart and, more specifically, the No Rest For The Wicked chapter mission.


The opening scene sees us taking a ride on a small boat along the river. Nothing much to do right now but to enjoy the views of the other citizens and get used to the world being surrounded by robots. Even if they do not function properly as we come to see one that gets stuck in a tree. Once you exit the boat, our first objective will be to reach the park.

Arriving At The Park Memorial


As we continue on we will be informed that our main character is known as P-3 and our companion is Char-les, who happens to be fitted into our glove. Anyway keep following the objective marker to the right. It will eventually lead us to memorial.

(Note: Just after exiting the boat we will come to a small water feature. Next to this water feature is a phone box or phone booth. Use it to unlock the ‘How Can I Help You’ trophy achievement)

After exploring the somewhat small memorial we will then be tasked with heading to the lab. Here we will meet an android named ‘Tereshkova’. Go ahead and take the ‘capsule’ from the table next to her. We will then learn how to use the ‘Scanner’, We can do this by tapping the ‘R1’ button and holding the ‘R1’ again to activate it. When you are ready exit the lab, using the side doors.


Here we will witness a parade. However, our main objective is over at Sechenov’s office. Which is the large building with the red banners. Head inside and ride the elevator up to the top floor. Up here we will get our ‘Vehicle Activation Key’. Ride the elevator back down. Sechenov will now get in contact with us.

Head back outside and towards the parked vehicles, one of which will be ours. Hop in. We will unlock the ‘Happy Polymerization Day!’ trophy achievement.

Receiving The Vehicle Activation Key


Reach the park
Proceed to Sechenov’s office


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