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A story guide on how to complete the main story for Atomic Heart and, more specifically, the The Complex chapter mission.

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We now find ourselves out in the open streets, vehicles are on fire and the robots are running around causing problems for the citizens. At the start of this chapter we will also acquire the axe weapon. Guess we can expect hostiles.


As we continue through the streets we will indeed be attacked by hostile robots. The mustache robots!
Anyway make your way to the objective marker and a robot will start crying out for help. It is locked inside the toilet cubical. Free it and it will turn hostile. We will then be saved by Granny Zina.

After the next following scene we will then find ourselves inside the complex.

Meeting Granny Zina


After riding the elevator down and finding ourselves inside the complex we can then investigate the nearby set of drawers. Inside there will be some Neuromed Capsules (Small). There will be a man crying out for help on the other side of the large door. However, we need to find a way to unlock it. Which we cannot do right now.

Turn your attention to the ceiling above and there will be a large hole that we can climb up through. Head up here and we will find a ‘Chirper’ collectible (She Almost Got Away) these collectibles can be found throughout the game and are basically audio tapes.
Next to this fallen citizen is also the door handle, it is basically a red valve handle. Insert the handle in the door below, where you can hear cries for help.

The Large Hole In The Ceiling Leading To Door Handle


We will now in a new hallway and we will also be given a tutorial on how to dodge enemy attacks. A robot will appear to the left, learn the mechanic and defeat it. We can then do some collectible hunting. More specifically we can find some ‘Chirpers’ nearby.
One of which will be in the room that the robot appeared from, just search the desk. The other is inside the ‘Administration’ room. Which you can find on the right side of this hallway. There is another chirper on top of a nearby white structure. In the middle of the hallway. Watch out as two more robots patrol the area.

After inspecting more of the hallway we will then be tasked with having to ‘Find the infirmary’. However, before we do this we want to inspect the nearby bathroom. Watch out as a robot can be found in here, inside one of the cubicals. There is also a chirper collectible here too,


Head through the door at the end, continuing to follow the objective marker in the process. We will witness a scene and get knocked out. When we wake up we will encounter a new version of the robot. The VOV-A6 Lab Tech. This robot has the ability to fire lasers from its eyes, wonderful. It can also run, making it a lot more faster than the previous robots.

After successfully defeating it we will then want to interact with the door. However, there is a mechanism attached to it. In order to remove it and safely unlock the door we will need to keep an eye on the red light. There are five joint parts that this light will jump to. When it does you need to hit the ‘Use’ button (X). Time it correctly and the joint part will lower. Once all have them have been lowered the door will unlock.
However, if you time it incorrectly the joint part will raise up, meaning we need to lower it once again. To make things more difficult we will also only have 23 seconds in which to solve this.

Solve the door lock and continue through the following hallway.

Trying To Solve The Door Lock


Whilst in this new and strange hallway we will begin to hear a lullaby. Apparently, this lullaby is coming from NORA. Charl-es will mention that she is very dangerous, oh boy. Head into the next room and interact with the red box, this is NORA.

After calming NORA down we can then interact with her once again, only this time we can unlock new skills. Do as Charl-es mentions and unlock the ‘Shok’ ability. This ability can produce an electromagnetic discharge in order to deal electric damage to any incoming threat. Head through the following door and into the next area.

In here we can find another chirper (Snooty Vovas) on a box near the wall.


Head into the next room and there will be an elevator here. Unfortunately this elevator is not currently functioning as it has no power, our job is to find a way to power it up. Head up the following set of stairs and enter the room labelled (3).
In this next room we will learn about CCTV Cameras. Distract the CCTV camera by throwing a box and then destroy it using your axe.

The key that we need can be found inside the ‘Administration’ room. Which is the room on the left of this area. Watch out though as a robot is currently guarding the area. We can find another chirper in the room with the damaged wall (Monday Starts On Sunday)

Feel free to loot the treasure boxes but the actual loot inside of them is completely random. There is also yet another CCTV camera in the area too, so watch out for that.


Find the Complex entrance
Locate the door handle
Find Viktor
Find the Infirmary
Power up the elevator


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