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A story guide on how to complete the main story for Atomic Heart and, more specifically, the Not So Fast, Major! chapter mission.



Now that we have the ‘Administrator’s Key’ we will now want to return back down the stairs and to the elevator. Enter the door that is marked (4). Here we will find another locked door that leads to the ‘Technical’ room. Unlock it and proceed inside. Here we will have a small puzzle in which we need to solve. A ‘Passive Security Relay’. Basically the red means negative and the blue is positive.
Its an easy puzzle in all honesty. Just interact with the far right panels until the row at the bottom turn blue. The blue line needs to connect to the small mechanism on the left, which shows a blue marker at the bottom. Hence why the section at the bottom needs to turn blue.


Now with the elevator getting power we can ride it to our next destination. It does not matter which elevator you take, just like with the stairs, they all lead to the same location anyway. Use the ‘Shok’ ability on the door that we could not access earlier.


After using the ‘Shok’ ability we will now be in a room with several robots, there should be three in total. Defeat them and continue on. Head through the tram corridor and be careful not to take damage by them as they fly uncontrollably.
Head through the Polymer. The strange watery bubble. On the other side of this bubble proceed and interact with the lock on the ticket booth. We will then need to find the code in order to unlock it. The code is on the body of the fallen soldier behind you (Talking Dead). These are optional collectibles. Just like the ‘Chirper’.
Though in this case, as it is the first one, we actually need to interact with him. We need to unlock the code on the ticket booth.

Locating The Polymer

Use the ‘Shok’ ability on the door, next to the fallen soldier and head through here. Make your way to the dead end and we will learn more about the ‘Talking Dead’. Anyway check the floor and we will find the ‘Station Master’. Next to him is the ‘Schematic’, the code we need for the lock on the ticket booth.
Use the code on the ticket booth and the tram will activate. To input the code simply copy the picture shown in the schematic paper. You are limited to selecting four codes at a time on the lock.

Locating The Schematic Paper

Ride one of the trams into the next area. Of course it won’t be an enjoyable ride as we come crashing down. Now to find a way out. Search the ruins for a yellow pipe that we can climb up. Shimmy across to the other side of the wall. A Burav, a tunnelling robot will appear.
Continue through the ruins and look for a room to the left of the walls. Here we will find another ‘Talking Dead’ (Dead Technician)

Whilst in this room look for another hole in the wall, here we will come across a Vovas. A fast type robot with lasers. Defeat it if you want but it leads to a dead end going back out there. Instead remain in this room with the ‘Dead Technician’ and search for an open vent above. Continue through the dark tunnel and follow the objective marker.

Here we will come across a laser wall, obviously do not go into it. Instead head around it and we will come across a NORA. Purchase the ‘Nora’s Kiss’ ability which allows us to survive lethal damage for a brief period of time. Enough to get us through the laser wall.
We will then trigger a scene involving Petrov. After the scene take down the enemy hostiles and scan the plant in the middle of the room for a Chirper (From the Employee Handbook).

Head up the stairs now and through the door. In this room there will be a (Talking Dead – Scared Dead Man). Now climb and head through the open vent. There is another chirper on the red table (Prison Psychologist’s Notes – Petrov). Unlock the next following door.
We will be back in the room with the large plant. Follow the objective marker to continue. Seems the door is locked.

To remedy this locked door we need to head back to the red table in the previous room. Where the chirper was located. Here we will find a strange golden ball, apparently it is known as a ‘Candle’. Use it on the locked door to continue.

Candle To Use For The Locked Door

In this next room we will come across operating machines and the only way to move them out of our way is to use the ‘Shok’ ability.


Whilst trying to avoid the crazy machines we will find some Polymer on the ceiling. Simply use the boxes below the Polymer and then jump inside to advance and escape the machine room. After exiting the Polymer there will be more robots in this next area.
Find the set of ladders and there will be a locket (chirper) next to it. (We Won’t Have To Work At All Pretty Soon).

Now we cannot interact with the Luna just yet as we need to find canisters first. However, if you try to open the door despite being told about the canisters, they will then be marked on the map for us to find and collect.

CAPSULE 1 – The first capsule or cannister is located within this first room, behind the shelving.
CAPSULE 2 – Head through the Polymer and we will come across a hostile NORA. The capsule can be found here. To exit the room we will need to head through the open vent
CAPSULE 3 – This capsule can be found inside the vent that you need to crawl through after speaking with NORA.

Follow the vent to get back to the Luna mechanism.


We will now be inside the Seed Bank, for these next few areas there will be quite a few enemy hostiles so be ready for them. Continue on and ride the elevator to the top floor. Continue to follow the walkways to reach the ‘Technical’ room.
Here we will learn about the ‘Weapon Ergonomics’. Which is basically the games way of telling us to spare our ammunition and that she should not really prioritise our fire arms.

Keep following the walkway and we will reach a door with a lock on it. Unlock it. If you haven’t already noticed there is a zipline up here, on the roof of this structure. In order to reach it we need to ride on one of the moving machines. This will then allow us to reach the zipline above. Ride the zipline down

Continue to follow the objective marker and we will find more Polymer to crawl through, which will lead us into the next area.


In this next area we will find another locket (chirper – Who’s the brainless one now?), it sits on the crate in the corner of the room. Now proceed and inspect the body in the corner, next to the locket. This is apparently Petrov. He didn’t last that long.
Head to and unlock the next gate so that we can gain access to the next area. Now these locks are a little different to the ones we are now accustomed to. This time around we need to connect the colours rather than stopping the timer. We have as much time as we need to solve it and we can rotate the colours around until they fit and solve the puzzle.
However, these puzzles are random as too are the colours. Sometimes you can get a blue and a red, other times you may see blue and yellow. The positions are also random.


Power up the elevator
Continue searching for Viktor
Find a Way to Hit the Polymer
Find A Way To Open The Gate
Cross the Seed Bank
Catch up with Petrov


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