Baldur’s Gate 3 – Finish The Masterwork Weapon (Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Baldur’s Gate 3 also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is Finish The Masterwork Weapon which is available whilst exploring the Blighted Village, the quest itself can be obtained whilst on Act 1 / Chapter 1

It will involve hunting down and finding a Sussur Tree Bark and improving a weapon’s stats

  • ACT (CHAPTER) UNLOCKED: Act 1 (Chapter 1)
  • LOCATION: Blighted Village
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A You will need to first off find the Highcliff’s Blueprints (x:-436 y:-379)


  • In order to initiate this side quest you will need to first travel to the Blighted Village (x:30 y:399)
  • Then head through the Shabby Wooden Doors. You will need to successfully lockpick the door open
  • Then once inside, open yet another shabby door in order to find a Wooden Chest. This chest may explode when you approach it, just shrug it off and proceed to open it in order to find a Highcliff’s Blueprints. The Finish The Masterwork Weapon quest will now activate
  • Now in order to proceed with the side quest you will need to find and explore the Underdark, in order to actually get there you can refer to this guide here
  • Now once you have gained entry into the actual Underdark you will need to travel to the Dread Hollow section of the Underdark (x:-22 y:-144)
  • From there find and climb a rather large tree root that should be blue in colour. The Sussur Tree Bark should be found here
  • Now head to the Forge, you should be able to find it at Blighted Village (x:-437 y:-381)
  • Inspect the Melting Furnace and then the Blacksmith’s Bellows in order to start heating things up.
  • Select the Melting Furnace once again in order to begin crafting

Use the newly acquired Sussur Tree Bark in order to craft and combine a more powerful version of a weapon that you already have, so pick a weapon of your choosing.

For example the below image shows what a normal Greatsword stats would look like, compared to the same Greatsword having now been imbued with the Sussur Tree Bark (The normal Greatsword obviously being pictured on the right)


+ Find a Sussur Tree –

We discovered that Sussur Trees can be found deep within the Underdark.

We found blueprints for masterwork weapons. All we need to forge one is some bark from a Sussur Tree

+ Take some bark from the Sussur Tree –

We found a Sussur Tree. Now we need to take some of its bark.

We forged a masterwork weapon greatsword


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