Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Easily Find Lots Of Gold (3000+)

Baldur's Gate III Game Guides

As you venture through the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 you will no doubt come across various different merchants, these merchants can obviously be used to purchase various much needed equipment in order to help keep your party alive.

However, the problem being is that in order to purchase equipment you are going to need gold which can be quite difficult to obtain. Of course you can always stealthily steal from various people including merchants. However, this is always very risky.

So this guide will show you a much easier way to obtain gold, and quite a large quantity of it too. Over 3000+ to be exact WOW!

  • Now in order to begin this you will need to be at the Goblin Camp, this area will unlock as you progress through the game.
  • Then at the Goblin Camp head through the door next to the rather large Ogre. Shattered Sanctum
  • Once inside the Sanctum keep following the path until you reach the main hall, here turn left and head up the first set of stairs
  • Here you should notice a door that is being guarded by characters known as Yerle and Erna (Coordinates – X:274 Y:-32)
  • SAVE!
  • If you successfully manage to lockpick the door, you should be allowed inside the guarded door without any issues
  • Whilst inside here it will obviously be very dark (to be honest the entire building is), however there will also be a lot of crates and boxes too
  • However, if you turn your attention to the Heavy Chest and use the lockpick option, it is here where you will be able to find the considerable amount of gold. All of which is yours for the taking.. (3748 Gold)
  • The various other crates and boxes also consist of various equipment too, all of which you can sell for even more gold. Jackpot!


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