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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Baldur’s Gate 3 also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is Search The Cellar which is available whilst exploring Blighted Village, the quest itself can be obtained whilst on Act 1 / Chapter 1.

It will involve finding and deciding what to do with an ancient tome




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  • ACT (CHAPTER) UNLOCKED: Act 1 (Chapter 1)
  • LOCATION: Blighted Village
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A You need to read the Journal


  • In order to start this one you will need to travel to Blighted Village
  • Once at Blighted Village, go ahead and inspect the Well here
  • Choose the option to go down this Well, Whispering Depths
  • From there keep following the path (keeping to the right side, ignoring the fork in the road)
  • Head to the coordinates (x:-504 y:-376)
  • Here you should be able to find an Apprentice’s Pack, inside it will be a Journal (Journal Updated)
  • This specific journal is also what will trigger this side quest and thus it is quite important that you manage to find it
  • The cellar that you now need to visit can also be found in the Blighted Village
  • Heading inside the cellar, find a Wooden Hatch on the floor (Journal Updated)
  • Head to the coordinates (X:-703 Y:-355), where you should be able to find a bookcase
  • Now to the left of this said bookcase there should be a set of boxes next to the wall (marked above) Proceed to knock these boxes out of the way by smashing them
  • Behind these boxes/crates there will be a lever, activate it
  • Activating the lever will unlock a hidden doorway behind the bookcase
  • Follow the rather linear path to a set of Mouldering Caskets, you mainly want to interest yourself in the casket on the left next to the bucket
  • However, opening these caskets will unleash Robust/Agile Guardians, so unless you want to earn some experience I suggest you only kill the one found in the actual casket that we need, otherwise go ahead and open them all
  • Now returning back to the casket I pointed out earlier (next to the bucket and behind the pillar) If you once again try to open it, this time you should be rewarded with a Dark Journal
  • You can also find a Scroll of Quasit in here too, though it isn’t exactly needed for this particular quest.
  • The scroll can be found inside one of the caskets (opposite the pillar, North East of the one with the Dark Journal) Just remember if you haven’t taken down the Guardian yet then you will need to examine the same casket twice
  • Okay it is quiz time! Go ahead and examine the Ornate Mirror which should be in the same room and up the stairs
  • Now since you managed to get the books I mentioned (if you have been able to follow me thus far), you should get the option Repeat the name from the book you read. Ilyn Toth. If you do not get this then you may need to either read the books again or restart the guide
  • For the mirror in this room. You need to tell it your name (I don’t think it matters). Keep in mind though Iilyn Toth is an enemy. (Refer to the video for a better idea on this)
  • Once through the mirror, there will be a rusted iron gate. SAVE!
  • Now either lockpick or break down this rusted iron gate as behind it there is a book that we need! You can also find the key in the back of the room too if you so wish.
  • Now we can get our hands on the The Necromancy Of Thay
  • Choose the option to Tuck the book in your sack
  • We now have the option to either destroy the ancient tome or unlock the ancient tome


RUSTED KEY (Needed for the gate to the book. It is in the room with the Thay book just at the back of the room. Originally the key was not necessary)

OLD KEY (Can be used for the double doors to the right of the village entrance. If coming from the bridge near the Druid Grove. Again originally this key was not necessary. The double doors are located below the Goblins (if you did not kill them)


  • If you decide to go for this option, you can start by heading to the Blighted Village
  • Then inspect the Well once again, the same one that you inspected in order to start the Search The Cellar side quest. Whispering Depths
  • Head to the coordinates (X:-498 Y:-368) by taking the second fork right
  • If you do not wish to go through the Well then you can find the key to the double doors in the Village, just above the actual doors itself. Where Goblins will be standing if you didn’t choose to kill them.
  • Now you can either fight your way through this area or use stealth, it is up to you but there will be Spiders with at least 138 health to contend with
  • Now at the end of the path here you will meet up with some spider web that seems to form a bridge, use the Jump ability to get from here to the Cragged Rock opposite
  • Now climb down the Cragged Rock
  • Here you will find some Dark Amethyst on the floor by the nearby wall. SAVE!
  • With the Dark Amethyst now in hand, once again open up your inventory and read the The Necromancy Of Thay
  • You should now have a new option – Place the amethyst in the slot on the book’s cover
  • You can now open the book (Grants: Astarion – Disapproves, Gale – Disapproves). Alternatively, you can give the book to whomever you want to be able to speak to the Dead, this option if actually your choice.
  • Then using whichever option is available and best suits you, turn to the next page
  • You will then be tasked with having several dice rolls in order to keep turning the pages. This is why I told you to SAVE!
  • If you manage to read the entire book, you will be rewarded with the ability Speak With Dead (Lv 3 Necromancy Spell)
  • NOTE: In order to unlock the book and pass it’s various dice rolls, it is best to select someone with good Wisdom. Don’t forget to buff that Wisdom person with spells such as Guidance to help increase the ability check by d4


  • In order to be able to do this one you will need the ability, Guiding Bolt. It is simply easier to destroy the book this way
  • If the book is in your sack, open up your inventory and proceed to drop it on the floor
  • Switch to your Guiding Bolt caster, aim and destroy! Simple!


+ Find The Cellar –

We found a journal that mentioned a cellar – along with some powerful items. This sounds promising and, more importantly, valuable.

+ Investigate The Cellar –

We found the cellar mentioned by the journal. Time to have a look around.

+ Found The Necromancer’s Book –

The owner of the cellar was more than a doctor – he was a necromancer. And he was obsessed with a particular book.

+ Decide What To Do With The Book Of Necromancy –

We found a strange and powerful tome. The Necromancy Of Thay. What should we do with it?

+ Unlock The Ancient Tome –

The book is locked tight, and the mechanism isn’t shaped for a key. Maybe some kind of stone would work?

The necromancer’s apprentice mentioned a keygem lost in the tunnels. We need to find it

We found the gem to unlock the book

+ Read The Book –

We’ve unlocked the book of necromancy. Should we read it?

The tome is clearly powerful, but we’ll need to read further to uncover all of its contents.


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