Genshin Impact – Where To Find Liben (Marvelous Merchandise) Merchant Guide

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The Liben Marvelous Merchandise event has arrived to the popular RPG game, Genshin Impact

Liben has many things in store for players including new gift boxes which can contain various rewards including; Primogems and Mora

However, whilst all of that is rather lovely, one may be wondering how or where exactly Liben can be found..

Well, look no further as this guide will hopefully help you out with that!

Okay for this we want to start our search in Mondstadt, Liben can actually be found to the right of the Eastern entrance by the Floral Whisper stall

Upon speaking to Liben he will tell you about item trading and in return he will give you gift boxes which can consist of things such as Mora, Primogems and more! What you get is all rather random.

The items that you need to trade in will be mentioned if you speak to Liben, for me it was mushrooms and it may also be random each day.

Speaking of days, this specific event is only available for a short time beginning yesterday (October 26th – November 2nd) and in order to actually trigger the event you need to have an Adventure Rank of 12 or higher. You can also only submit traded items once per day.


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