Genshin Impact – The Yaksha’s Wish (Side Quest) Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Genshin Impact also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is The Yaksha’s Wish which is available whilst exploring Minlin, Liyue

It will involve inspecting a ruin stone and searching for clues

  • LOCATION: Minlin, Liyue
  • TYPE: World Quest
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A. You need to inspect a ruin tablet


  • In order to be able to trigger this quest we will need to travel to Minlin, Liyue
  • Whilst here we will need to hunt for a temple entrance, don’t go inside it yet though
  • Outside of this temple building there should be a ruin tablet, examine it and the quest will begin!
  • When inspecting the ruin tablet we will learn that it is named, Bosacius
  • We will now be tasked with having to search for clues to opening the stone tablet
  • Starting from the ruin tablet, head West and you will come across a large treasure chest
  • Be warned though when you approach the chest several fiends will spawn, deal with them and then proceed to open the chest
  • After opening the chest and claiming the rewards, look up above the chest to see a white sphere shaped item (this is actually what we need, so be sure to grab it!) Then return back to the ruin tablet (1/3)
  • To the South of the ruin tablet and by some buildings will be where you can find the next one
  • Since this one is being guarded by a rather tough fiend you may want to just collect the white coloured prism (found inside the small building on the left) and then run off, ignoring all of the enemies here (Though if you manage to kill them all a treasure chest will spawn by the next white sphere/prism) Your choice.
  • Either way after collecting the next prism, return back to the ruin tablet (2/3)
  • The final one can be found to the North East of the ruin tablet
  • It can be found up the sets of stairs next to the temple, if for some reason you cannot get to this then climb up the ruins and shoot at the small stone lanterns nearby, thus turning them on (There will be two of these lanterns)
  • After collecting the last one, once again return back to the ruin tablet (3/3)
  • The actual temple building will now be open and inside will be some valuable chests that you can open. Quest complete


The words of a certain Yaksha seem to have been left behind on a stone tablet…


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  1. 3rd one is South of the quest start, at the ruins with the sentinels. Guy who wrote this used the worst pics ever and for his facts and directions wrong. You’re absolutely useless mate

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