Watch Dogs – Legion : Hack The Planet (Hack 8 Targets) Guide

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Watch Dogs: Legion has many different trophies and achievements that you can try and unlock, one of which is Hack The Planet

Hack The Planet requires players to hack across 8 targets at once.

In order to even begin this task we will of course need to recruit a Hacker (Karen Ito) to join our team, this can be done after completing the Clarion Call mission

Once you have successfully managed to recruit the Hacker we can begin..

Now you may be wondering why we need to recruit a Hacker, whilst as this objective requires us to hack certain targets, it however can only be done once you have the Viral Hacking passive skill which thankfully the Hacker – Karen Ito actually comes equipped with.

  • Once we have the Viral Hacking ability lets begin!
  • Our next objective is to find a location with at least 8 people standing relatively close together. One such location is the Parliament Square Gardens (City Of Westminster)
  • The reason for this location is due to the fact you can find a gathering of protesters here, but it is up to you where you want to go for this.
  • In order to hack these people you can either (Hold LB and A – XBox) or (Hold L1 and X – Playstation), doing this will allow you to hack up to 8 people.
  • That should about cover it for this guide!


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