Watch Dogs – Legion : How To Get The (Dark Knight – Mask) Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion features many different collectibles, one of which are the various different masks that can be found

This specific guide will show you how and where to find the Dark Knight Mask.

Okay let us begin!

  • Okay in order to begin the search for this specific mask you will first off need to travel to Tower Hamlets – Cemetery Park
  • Be warned though, if this is your first time travelling through Cemetery Park then it will be a heavy hostile area
  • Anyway make your way around the black coloured rails to a small building with graffiti on it.
  • On this building there should be a vent that you can detect. It will be on the wall underneath the graffiti (as shown above)
  • Once you have successfully managed to find the vent, you will then need to use your trusty Infiltrator Spiderbot. Then send the Spiderbot inside the vent. We will now be inside the building.
  • Now once inside if you look to the left you should see a wall, on the top portion of this said wall there will be a gap. Use the Spiderbot to get through this said gap.
  • In order to be able to reach the gap in the wall you will need to jump and climb the various noticeable crates.
  • On the other side of the wall you will no doubt of noticed that there is a hostile presence here, which makes sense given the fact that the whole cemetery is rather hostile.
  • Also in this room, ignoring the hostiles for now, there will be a red switch panel that you can temper with.
  • Underneath the switch panel will be a small box on the floor connected to it. This small box is what you need to mess with, so unlock this.
  • We can now once again exit the Spiderbot and resume play as your actual character. The Spiderbot’s job is now complete
  • Heading around to the other side of the building you should find a door. Looking through this door you should notice that this is where the Spiderbot alongside the hostiles currently are
  • In order to gain entry through the door, you will need to tamper with the switch panel on the wall next to the door.
  • Once inside deal with the hostiles. The Dark Knight Mask can be found on top of the table in this very room.


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