Watch Dogs – Legion : How To Get The (Halloween Skull – Mask) Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion features many different collectibles, one of which are the various different masks that can be found

This specific guide will show you how and where to find the Halloween Skull Mask.

Okay let us begin!

  • Okay in order to begin the search for this specific mask you will first off need to travel to City Of Westminster – Perry Harris Redevelopment
  • Here you should see a large fenced off area, hmm there must be a way inside
  • If you haven’t sussed it out yet you can actually hack the terminals by the gates. This if you haven’t worked it out is a construction site.
  • So hack and unlock the first gate, though there is another gate here that you can unlock that actually leads to the main construction area, you can ignore it for now or choose to unlock it, it is up to you. However, there is another way inside.
  • Our prime goal is to look into the sky and wait until the Cargo Drone appears, hijack it once you do indeed see it
  • What a lovely view! We now have the ability to scan the actual construction yard and of course drop cargo.
  • Okay, so what you want to do is take the Cargo Drone into the area that your current character is positioned, then land the Cargo Drone next to you
  • You will need to climb on top of the actual Cargo Drone, time for a ride!
  • Using the Cargo Drone, ride it into the main construction site area
  • Keep to the right side of the construction site and try not to go too far. The mask can be found on a platform here
  • Simply land the Drone as close to the platform as possible, then jump off and claim your rewards!
  • Ride the Drone once again to get back out of the area


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