Watch Dogs – Legion : How To Get The (Lion – Mask) Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion features many different collectibles, one of which are the various different masks that can be found

This specific guide will show you how and where to find the Lion Mask.

Okay let us begin!

  • Okay in order to begin the search for this specific mask you will first off need to travel to City Of Westminster – Somerset House
  • At the entrance to the Somerset House there should be a camera in the distance that you can hijack, do so.
  • We should now be able to view the entire Somerset House area, lovely view!
  • We now want to turn the camera around in order to find a security panel that we can disable, do so.
  • Return back to your playable character and we should now have safe access to the Somerset House area
  • Head down the stairs to the left
  • Then at the bottom of the stairs go through the first doorway to the right
  • Chances are you will get caught here as there might be a guard here standing by the entrance and on the Arm Trap, activate it if he is there and you don’t want to chance it.
  • However, the reward that you are after will be to the right of this doorway sitting on a wooden table


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