Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Solve The Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle (Find The Nightsong) Guide

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One of the many side quests that you can solve during act 1 chapter 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 is Find The Nightsong.

However, as you progress through this said quest you will no doubt encounter a puzzle that needs solving, this puzzle involves playing with various moon shapes and hence the name Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle

This specific puzzle can be found at coordinates (x:436 y:58). Using the above image (the light shining on the top panel and then going counterclockwise we have the left panel, bottom panel and then the right panel). 4 panels in total.

Okay lets begin you will want to move each panel as follows:

  1. Move the left panel ONCE
  2. Move the top panel ONCE
  3. Move the bottom panel ONCE
  4. Move the right panel ONCE
  5. Move the bottom panel TWICE
  6. Move the top panel TWICE
  7. Move the right panel TWICE
  8. Move the top panel ONCE
  9. Move the right panel ONCE

Your characters will now confirm that this is complete and you can now move on..


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