Battlefield 2042 – Deadshot (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Deadshot is one of the many trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Battlefield 2042. It requires you to Perform 20 headshots in a single round

This trophy achievement can easily be unlocked whilst playing solo against the AI. It is also recommended to use a Sniper Rifle for easier targeting, but ultimately the weapon choice is up to you and your overall playstyle.

  • When you are ready simply drop into any map and start searching for targets
  • As said you can always sit around with a Sniper Rifle and wait for your targets to appear. Ultimately though the weapon choice is up to you and your playstyle.
  • You will need to headshot a total of 20 targets in order to complete this one.
  • NOTE: This trophy achievement is a bit buggy so you may need to complete another match either solo or multiplayer before the trophy achievement will pop


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