Battlefield 2042 – Dead In Their Tracks! (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Dead In Their Tracks!
 is one of the many trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Battlefield 2042. It requires you to Get a quad-kill while defending an objective

This trophy achievement can be easily done on the Orbital map and through the solo and co-op gameplay option to face off against the AI.

  • Then once you spawn on to the Orbital map, we can then select our mode of transport. In this case, the best one to choose would be the tank. As the tank can generally eliminate targets faster and deal with multiple at a time, which is necessary for this specific task
  • From there head to the B2 objective.
  • At the B2 objective there will be just enough targets for us to deal with. We need to eliminate a total of 4 targets altogether in order to unlock the trophy achievement
  • Note: There are many other locations in which we can go to in order to trigger this one. The Orbital map is one of the much quicker and simpler ones that can be done quite early on.


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