Battlefield 2042 – One Careful Owner (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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One Careful Owner is one of the many trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Battlefield 2042. It requires you to Perform a roadkill with an air vehicle

This trophy achievement can be done using either a Helicopter or a Jet, you can also unlock it using a private server or a custom made game. The video below shows gameplay from a custom made game.

  • Note: If you are having issues regarding setting up a custom made game then be sure to watch the posted video above, for more information. As the team over at Skull Busters manages to give a complete guide on how to do this and goes on to show which settings are best for your custom game
  • From there grab either a helicopter or a jet and begin flying around until you find some targets (as seen in the above video)
  • Then when you find some targets just simply try to land on them. Simple.

SOURCE: Skull Busters


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