Bayonetta 3 – All Bewitchments (Chapter 9 – Learning To Fly)

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Throughout the various mission chapters within Bayonetta 3 you will stumble across several unlockable challenges. These challenges are optional and there are usually 5 of them within each chapter. Unfortunately though it is not clearly evident as to what these challenges are, and what they consist of until you have at least completed the chapter once.

These challenges are known as Bewitchments. They usually feature all kinds of optional requirements. Some of which include having to destroy certain objects, find a way to climb the highest and tallest buildings, eliminate certain foes without the use of specific equipment and abilities. These requirements range in both variety and difficulty.

For the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the Betwitchment challenges that can be found within the Chapter 9 – Learning To Fly mission chapter.

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BEWITCHMENT: Scare off 20 resting wild Malphas demons.
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: After the bridge collapses and we are forced to find an alternative route, proceed through the cave. On the other side we will encounter the wild Malphas. These are the bird type creatures that can be seen resting on the cliffside.

In order to scare them simply run up to them. Scare off 20 resting Malphas to complete this one.

BEWITCHMENT: Perform 5 Torture Attacks During The Battle Atop The Tower Of Pacts
VERSE: Verse 4
GUIDE: After acquiring the Malphas summon we will then want to perform a total of 5 torture attacks on the incoming enemy threat. We can do this by summoning Malphas and then activating the required torture attack.

BEWITCHMENT: Escape From The Clouds Of Erasure Without Touching Them
VERSE: Verse 9
GUIDE: Make your way to the Temple Of Tempests and after solving the two door puzzles we will then find ourselves being chased by the Clouds Of Erasure. Escape it without being caught by it.

BEWITCHMENT: Complete The Sand Sliding Portion Without Hitting Any Obstacles
VERSE: Verse 11
GUIDE: As you continue through the chapter you will eventually find yourself sliding along the sand. Avoid the falling obstacles to earn this one.

BEWITCHMENT: Avoid Touching Clouds Of Erasure During The Battle On The Scales
VERSE: Verse 12
GUIDE: during your fight against both Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus you will find yourself


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