Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Such Soft And Fluffy Beds (Side Quest)

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Such Soft And Fluffy Beds is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to track down Axe Beaks and acquire their Axe Beak’s Feathers.

This particular side quest can be found within Seaport Of Rythal.

SIDE QUEST: Such Soft And Fluffy Beds
QUEST GIVER: Innkeeper Looking To Upgrade
LOCATION: Seaport Of Rythal

Head to the Seaport Of Rythal and make your way to the inn, which is situated next to the water fountain. Here we can find and speak to the innkeeper.

Apparently the innkeeper’s bed is starting to get a bit old and she now wants some feathers in order to keep the bed nice, soft, and fluffy. The feathers that we need are actually Axe Beak feathers. We also need to acquire a total of 4 of these feathers.

In order to find these Axe Beak’s feathers we will need to go and hunt down several Axe Beaks. The Axe Beaks are basically bird type creatures that have a chance of dropping their feathers. Do be warned though, these feathers are never guaranteed drops so you may need to farm for a bit.

You can find the Axe Beaks mainly outside of the Seaport of Rythal and to the south, just outside of Delryk Village. Hunt them down and hope that they drop their feathers.

Once you have the required feathers return back to the client in order to complete the quest.


Find and deliver some feathers to repair beds at the inn

Axe Beak’s Feather 4/4


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