Star Ocean: The Divine Force – All Optional Side Quests (Chapter 1)

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There are many optional side quests to be found, unlocked, and completed within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Most of which are chapter specific.

The side quests within Star Ocean: The Divine Force usually consist of speaking to a required and necessary NPC character. Who will then task us with helping them with their errands. This might involve hunting down specific targets or retrieving goods and good ingredients.

For the purpose of this simply guide I will be listing all of the optional side quests that are featured within Chapter 1 – In Search Of The Three Wise Men


Find My Kitty

Why Is It Only Me

Es’owa Initiation

Such Soft And Fluffy Beds

Pesky Thieves

Welch The Compounder

Meet Some Meat

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Rescuing The Ydas Crew


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