Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Meet Some Meat (Side Quest)

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Meet Some Meat is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to find and locate some food ingredients known as Game Meat

This particular side quest can be found within Village Of Eda.

SIDE QUEST: Meet Some Meat
QUEST GIVER: Romantically Assertive Woman
LOCATION: Village Of Eda

Find and locate the ‘Romantically Assertive Woman’ and speak to her in order to find out that she has never managed to eat meat before. She wonders what it would taste like.

Our job now is to go and retrieve a total of 3 pieces of Game Meat. We can get them from two different species of enemy. The Hayagriva and the Dual-Wielding Kelpie.

The Dual-Wielding Kelpie reside in the Edahli Region, whilst the Hayagriva can be spotted in the Del’vyr Region. So start hunting those. Be warned though that the Game Meat can be a rare drop and may require a bit of grinding and patience.

After finding and locating the right ingredients report back to the client to complete this one.


Deliver meat to a woman who has never eaten any before

Game Meat 3/3


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