Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Luggage Larceny (Side Quest)

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Luggage Larceny is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to retrieve Old Lady’s Belongings.

This particular side quest can be found within Larcasse Region. The quest is also limited to Laeticia. It appears when we discover Elena and her spade pod. During this section the party will be separated.

SIDE QUEST: Luggage Larceny
QUEST GIVER: Scumbag-Loathing Old Woman
LOCATION: Larcasse Region

Head to the Larcasse Region and just outside of Larcette Village should be an old woman (Scumbag-Loathing Old Woman). Upon speaking to her we will discover that a pack of scum managed to come and steal from her. Understandably she now wants revenge and for us to retrieve her lost belongings.

After accepting the side quest make your way over to the Mhedume Ruins. Our task is to hunt down fiends known as ‘Thieving Scumbags’. Now there are quite a few of them here but we do not need to go around hunting them all.

In fact despite the area being rather large and there being many of these ‘Thieving Scumbags’ there is only a select few that will drop the belongings.

You will find the necessary Scumbags to the west of the map and to the east, up a section of stairs. These two groups are the ones that you can find usually drop the stolen belongings.

Eliminate the Scumbags and retrieve the stolen belongings. From there return to the client to finish the quest.


Retrieve belongings stolen from an old lady in the Larcasse Region by some thieving scum. It appears that the perpetrators escaped into the Mhedume Ruins.

Old Ladys’ Belongings 3/3


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