Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Find My Kitty! (Side Quest)

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Find My Kitty! is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to go and find a lost and missing cat named Chacham

This particular side quest can be found within Larcette Village.

SIDE QUEST: Find My Kitty!
QUEST GIVER: Cat-Loving Girl
LOCATION: Larcette Village

Head to Larcette Village and use D.U.M.A to scan for any nearby side quests. You should be able to find one right next to the entrance of the village. A lonely young girl who seems to have lost her missing pet cat, Chacham.

After accepting this side quest proceed to the north west section of the map. Here we will find a small farm. More importantly though there is a building to the left.

Use D.U.M.A and head to the building rooftop. This is where we can find Chacham. Once you have successfully managed to find the missing cat report back to the client in order to complete the quest.

We will be rewarded with a Cryptographic Message A-1 and 640 Fol.


Search for the kitty Chacham that went missing in Larcette Village and bring it back to the client. It might have climbed up to some lofty place.

Chacham (kitty) 1/1


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