Bayonetta 3 – All Bewitchments (Chapter 7 – Burning Sands)

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Throughout the various mission chapters within Bayonetta 3 you will stumble across several unlockable challenges. These challenges are optional and there are usually 5 of them within each chapter. Unfortunately though it is not clearly evident as to what these challenges are, and what they consist of until you have at least completed the chapter once.

These challenges are known as Bewitchments. They usually feature all kinds of optional requirements. Some of which include having to destroy certain objects, find a way to climb the highest and tallest buildings, eliminate certain foes without the use of specific equipment and abilities. These requirements range in both variety and difficulty.

For the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the Betwitchment challenges that can be found within the Chapter 7 – Burning Sands  mission chapter.

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BEWITCHMENT: Touch A Cheshire Mirage 3 Times While Wandering The Desert
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: After losing Cheshire and finding yourself stranded in the vast desert. There will then be a section where we will see several mirage images of Cheshire. Walk up to three of these to unlock this one. Warning though as there is a hidden time limit and the mirages do tend to disappear after a short and brief appearance.

BEWITCHMENT: Dig Up All Of The Buried Treasure While Riding Cheshire
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: Whilst riding Cheshire you will come to an area that has a total of 3 dig spots for us to dig up. The first dig spot is by the set of rocks, west of the cave tunnel exit (treasure box). The second is by a set of fallen pillars to the north (this will spawn a Uncinus). Whilst the final one is required for the story to advance. It is by several other fallen pillars next to the western wall (water)

BEWITCHMENT: Stare At The Mural Of Enzo For 3 Seconds
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: From the pool of water and once we regain control of Viola turn and head west. Ignoring the actual main path for now. Continue on and past an already opened treasure box (we opened this earlier with Cheshire).

Search this nearby wall for a gap that we can climb through. This will then lead to a Verse 6 boss fight. Remember this guy? We fought him when we located the Wartrain several chapters ago.

After the fight continue on and head through the next gap in the wall and we will eventually come across a temple building that is currently locked. We can open this temple door by destroying the three pillars near the door entrance. To destroy these pillars we will need to summon Cheshire.

Once inside there will be a mural on the wall to the left and before the stairs leading up. Stare at this to unlock this next one.

BEWITCHMENT: Defeat 3 Uncinus That Appear From Quicksand
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: Whilst venturing through the sandfall area. Heading back to the main path once again. We will encounter yet more Uncinus. They will appear from the quicksand and we need to eliminate a total of 3 Uncinus to complete this one.

BEWITCHMENT: Cross The Quicksand River Without Falling In
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: For this one its best if you first complete the chapter at least once first. This way we have our new wings unlocked. These wings will help a lot in terms of getting across the quicksand. From there head into the sandfall area, as normal.

From there continue on until you reach the Uncinus, ignore them. We do not need to deal with them right now. Instead fly on over to the platforms and avoid the sand. Head towards the wall, near the cliff edge. And fly on down to the next area. In order to proceed with the mission.


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