Star Ocean: The Divine Force – All Treasure Chest Locations (Delryk Mines)

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Being a JRPG, Star Ocean: The Divine Force has many hidden treasure chests. These treasure chests are located throughout the game and many of which are in well hidden locations and areas.

Thankfully we are able to quickly acquire the D.U.M.A droid rather early on in the game. This droid allows us to quickly scan the nearby area. Upon scanning the area we can pinpoint where exactly these treasure chests are indeed located.

Plus through the use of D.U.M.A we can also reach those much higher and harder to reach locations too.

For the purpose of this guide I will be showing the locations to all of the hidden treasure chests throughout the Delryk Mines area. There is a total of 5 hidden chests to be found.

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COLLECTABLE: Takoyaki Umaibo
GUIDE: After heading down the stairs at the mine entrance proceed and look up. Towards the wall is our first chest of this area. Follow the DP shards.

GUIDE: Continue through the mine tunnels and keep an eye to the left side. We are looking for a wooden wall. We can find it after taking down the first set of Enigma Worms.

COLLECTABLE: Earth Spirit Talisman
GUIDE: Continue on through the tunnel and look for yet another wooden wall that we can break. Do so in order to find this next chest.

COLLECTABLE: Morale Potion
GUIDE: Once you head back outside eliminate the enemy threat here and search for another wooden wall. Destroy this to find the next chest. Warning though there are Giant Bats hiding behind this wall too.

GUIDE: After encountering yet more Enigma Worms there will be another wooden wall that we can destroy. This is obvious at this point. Destroy it and reap the rewards.


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