Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Welch The Compounder (Side Quest)

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Welch The Compounder is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to find and locate several Roly-Poly Beans.

This particular side quest can be found within Delryk Village.

SIDE QUEST: Welch The Compounder
LOCATION: Delryk Village

After visiting the Seaport Of Rythal we will then need to revisit Delryk Village. Upon giving the ring back to Welch (which is story related). She will then task us with having to complete an errand for her.

This errand will see us having to find a total of 3 Roly-Poly Beans. These can be found as a random drop from a green sparkle. I managed to find some in both Delryk Mines and Mhedume Ruins.

Though with that being said both of my characters on two different playthroughs had more than enough ‘Roly-Poly Beans’ long before we even began this side quest. They are easy to find and thus you will more than likely already have enough by the time you are ready for this quest.


Acquire and deliver the items requested by Welch

Roly-Poly Bean 3/3


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