Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Pesky Thieves (Side Quest)

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Pesky Thieves is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to hunt down a pack of thieves within the mines.

This particular side quest can be found within Delryk Mines.

SIDE QUEST: Pesky Thieves
QUEST GIVER: Man Who Has Had Enough
LOCATION: Delryk Village

On your return trip to the Delryk Village there will be a man just outside of the building with the large hand mechanic pointing to it (Welch’s house). Upon speaking to him we will learn of thieves lurking within the nearby mines. We wants us to find and eliminate a total of 16 of these thieves.

These ‘pesky thieves’ are located throughout the mines and are easy to locate.

A majority of these ‘pesky thieves’ can be found and located in the boss area. Be sure to make use of the cart which will automatically take you to the boss area as well as the entrance to the mines.

Defeat all 16 of these ‘pesky thieves’ and then report back to the client to complete this one.


Punish the mischief-makers in Delryk Mines.

Thieving Gangster 16/16


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