Star Ocean: The Divine Force – How To Craft The Best Starting Recipes (Beginners Guide)

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The crafting ability and skill, otherwise known as Item Creation, is a returning feature to the Star Ocean video game series. It allows players to combine certain items in order to hopefully create something much better and of higher quality.

Of course it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, when combining items, the crafting result might not be as expected. Thus this feature is also somewhat of a combination of both pot luck and time consuming.

However, it is still a feature that should be taken into consideration. It is a very useful feature and one that you will most likely find yourself needing at some point during the game.

Almost anything and everything can be created and crafted using this feature. Things such as healing items, weapons, and even armor can all be combined and crafted.

You will come across this feature and be able to unlock it for the first time when you return back to Delryk Village. After having visited the Seaport of Rythal. Upon speaking to Welch and completing one of her starting side quests we will then be able to start crafting. Making use of this feature.

For the purpose of this guide we will be venturing down the beginners section of the whole crafting experience. What exactly are the best recipes to make when first starting your crafting adventures? There are a few really good ones so let us begin..

(Note: All of these recipes require having Blueberries. These are both easy to find and are cheap to purchase)

RESULT: Blueberry Potion
INGREDIENTS: x2 Blueberries
GUIDE: A Blueberry Potion can restore 50% HP. Whereas a normal Blueberry can only restore 30% HP

RESULT: Mixed Berries
INGREDIENTS: Blueberries, Aquaberry
GUIDE: Mixed Berries can recover 30% HP and cure all status ailments.

RESULT: Resurrection Elixir
INGREDIENTS: Blueberries, Fresh Sage
FOL COST: 21 Fol
GUIDE: Revives from incapacitated & recovers 70% HP


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