Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Why Is It Only Me (Side Quest)

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Why Is It Only Me is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to wipe out a horde of bugs in the Larcasse Region.

This particular side quest can be found within Delryk Village.

SIDE QUEST: Why Is It Only Me
QUEST GIVER: Undaunted Explorer
LOCATION: Delryk Village

Head to Delryk Village and you will come across a man (Undaunted Explorer). Apparently after having enjoyed a meal the explorer decided to leave the village. Unfortunately though, he ended up being attacked by several worms. Worms known as the Gluttonous Worm.

Accept the quest and our next objective is to go and find these Gluttonous Worms and defeat them. They should be located within the Larcasse Region.

However, before we set out to the Larcasse Region we will need to pay a visit to the local inn. We need to eat a specific meal. This meal will trigger these Gluttonous Worm to appear on the map.

So with that being said proceed and head inside the local inn and speak to the Gentle Innkeeper. Here choose the Stay at inn and eat invigorating Chunky Curry for 380 Fol.

This specific recipe will trigger the Gluttonous Worm to appear on the map and increase our DMG by 26% at full HP. After resting and eating the meal we can then proceed on with the quest and worm hunt!

To make the journey much more quicker we should first pay a visit to Delvyr Region. From there proceed and head to the Larcasse Region. The Gluttonous Worm are located south of the map.

Defeat the pack of Gluttonous Worms and then report back to the client in order to complete this one.


Wipe out a horde of bugs in the Larcasse Region. The client was attacked after eating a meal in Delryk Village

Gluttonous Worm


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