Star Ocean: The Divine Force – Es’owa Initiation (Side Quest)

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Es’owa Initiation is an optional side quest within Star Ocean: The Divine Force. It requires us to learn the mechanics of a new mini game.

This particular side quest can be found within Seaport Of Rythal.

SIDE QUEST: Es’owa Initiation
QUEST GIVER: Shady Merchant
LOCATION: Seaport Of Rythal

Head to the Seaport Of Rythal and standing next to the water fountain is two different side quests that we can undergo and complete. One of which is Es’owa Initiation.

Upon speaking to the Shady Merchant they will mention a new mini game known as Es’owa. It is similar, to an extent, to a game of chess. It is played on a small grid and it requires pawns in order to be able to play the game.

These pawns have different abilities and attacks that relate more to Star Ocean rather than Chess. Such as pawns having the ability to deal specific damage and remove the opponents MP

Anyway in order to progress on with the side quest and, after having accepted the quest, we will then need to hunt down someone that we can play against. There is only the one individual that we can actually play against whilst at the Seaport.

To find this individual we will need to head east and down a small alleyway. Here we will find a small child known as Undefeated Boy

Undefeated Boy is an Apprentice rank and uses a 4 x 4 playing grid. His pawns generally have a better attack than our starting deck. However, an easy way to win this game is to take advantage of the Berserker pawns that should be available to you. The Berserker pawns have the ability to remove many, if not all, of your opponents playing pieces.

Win the match and report back to the client in order to complete this one. Do not worry as you can replay the match as many times as you want in order to claim a victory. So use this time to get a feel and a better understanding of how this new mini game actually works.


Win a game of Es’owa and acquire a playing piece. You can find opponents around different towns.

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