Bayonetta 3 – All Bewitchments (Prologue – A Chaotic Encounter)

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Throughout the various mission chapters within Bayonetta 3 you will stumble across several unlockable challenges. These challenges are optional and there are usually 5 of them within each chapter. Unfortunately though it is not clearly evident as to what these challenges are, and what they consist of until you have at least completed the chapter once.

These challenges are known as Bewitchments. They usually feature all kinds of optional requirements. Some of which include having to destroy certain objects, find a way to climb the highest and tallest buildings, eliminate certain foes without the use of specific equipment and abilities. These requirements range in both variety and difficulty.

For the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the Betwitchment challenges that can be found within the Prologue – A Chaotic Encounter mission chapter.

BEWITCHMENT: Taunt an Enemy
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: The ability to taunt your enemy increases your overall combo score. Which can then improve your chances of getting a Platinum score for that particular mission. It also increases the length of how long a combo can be performed before the score is reset. Warning though as you continue to do this you also increase the chances of enemy targets becoming enraged. When they become enraged they get both stronger and faster. Taunting an enemy is best performed during Witch Time. (Down on the directional pad).

BEWITCHMENT: Avoid the Clouds of Erasure
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: We will encounter the Clouds Of Erasure during our fight against Floccus. The big fish will appear midway through the battle and create a sticky substance on the floor. Avoid this. Do not touch it. This substance will be grey in colour.

BEWITCHMENT: Use Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on the Cumulonimbus
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Whilst on the second phase fight against the Cumulonimbus you will unlock and be able to summon Gomorrah. What you want to do then is to continue fighting the Cumulonimbus and then trigger Witch Time by successfully avoiding one of its attacks. From there summon Gomorrah and press the ‘R’ button on the controller. If you have managed to do this correctly then Gomorrah will jump into the air and land on top of the Cumulonimbus.

BEWITCHMENT: Attack Krakon’s anchor tentacles with Gomorrah 5 times
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: In the fight against Krakon you will see its tentacles attached to the platform. Simply use Gomorrah to attack these tentacles. Do this 5 times to complete this one.

BEWITCHMENT: Avoid Kraken’s Ink
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: In the second phase fight against the Kraken, the giant menacing fish will then start shooting projectiles at you and will surround itself with its own ink. The Kraken’s ink is black in colour and you want to avoid all of that. Do not get hit by Kraken’s ink in order to complete this one. A good way to deal with this fight is to just use ranged attacks and summon Gomorrah whenever possible.


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